Cosmetics Display Stands in Pharmacy Stores


In the pharmacy stores, not all goods canbe neatly arranged and placed in the eye-catching C position. Are they not goodproducts? No, they are just hard to perceive consumers.

Look at a set of solution cases.

Walgreens (the largest pharmaceuticalretail chain in the US) works with a number of brands to sell makeup and skincare products. Since it is a pharmacy, the main task is to sell medicines, andthe cosmetics and skin care products will not be placed in the main sales area,but it is hard to beat Walgreen.

Unlike conventional vertical desktopdisplay stands, this requires the aid of a basic display stand, but it is moreflexible in advertising.

The bright colors are in line with thecharacteristics of the make-up, which provides great visual appeal for sales, andis particularly outstanding in all kinds of medicines.

In fact, paper shelves are tailor-madeclothes for goods, and all goods can find their place through paper shelves.

Whetheryou are because the goods are too small, it is difficult to be noticed by consumers,or the goods are too ordinary, it is difficult to capture the customer's eyes,paper shelves can be based on the characteristics of the store, through thelayout, structural design, to find the most suitable display for the goods.