Cardboard Display Stand increase your happiness



Home is thesource of your inspiration, every piece of furniture, every family photo, andeven some old things, will tell your story.


Based on thisbelief, Air Wick focuses on the adjustment of the family atmosphere, creating awarm and fragrant indoor environment, and telling the story of the family withfragrance.


To support thepromotion and deliver these fragrances to consumers, Air Wick has customized arange of cardboard display to display this color-changing scented candle insupermarkets and large retail centers.


Air Wickcolor-changing candles use a thermal light sensor that emits a multicolored huewhen activated. The candle contains plant essential oils that give off afascinating scent when lit.


There are threetypes of cardboard display stands in this series, namely PDQ,floor display standsand pallet displays.


Black is likethe night, the basic color of this series of cardboard display. The discoloredscented candle blooms in the dark, with a faint scent. Simple font processinghighlights the brand and increases the consumer's goodwill, helping consumers tomake a purchase decision.


The reason whyAir Wick customizes a series of cardboard display is to match the differentdisplay conditions in the same supermarket and expose the products as much aspossible, so as to bring greater brand recognition.