Cardboard Display is Becoming More and More Important on Sales End


In this age of advertising flooding, there is no such thing as a 10-year-old Central Gold Platinum Platinum Advertisement. There is no such thing as a spectator watching advertisements. The television started to popularize in the 1990s and the 00- 10 years of large-scale color TV by the black and white, to the present flat-panel, Internet TV and so on, the antenna for the satellite to now closed-circuit television, Internet TV, etc., the channel from one to several to hundreds of dozens of people More choices, less happiness.


I remember when I was a child in a courtyard, I would squeeze into a black-and-white TV that was full of pockmarks. There was a laugh and an advertisement for everyone. Everybody had a TV slowly, and the lively scene disappeared. And then later, Taiwan is more, people's habits are often aimless holding a remote control for Taiwan, encounter advertising no longer the kind of enthusiasm of the past.


Television advertising has created an era of brand, but some brands also gradually disappear with the role of television advertising and slowly disappear or hard support, please endorsement advertising, costly and bring benefits are not great.


1500W sky-high price shampoo advertising has not brought its huge benefits, a few years time is also mediocre.

In endorsement into the big, advertising rampant era, some companies saw the wisdom of the importance of quality and service in the terminal is also done a lot of effort.


Now consumers are aware that advertising is much larger advertising costs will be added to the product inside, everyone's things are somewhat higher prices.

So many brands do not necessarily sell well.


Many brands will focus on corporate advertising and terminal services.

Take the Japanese giant Gamble, multi-series of products, beautiful terminal display brings consumers a great sense of intimacy;

Black toothpaste, a high-end toothpaste to give customers more of the terminal's beautiful image and good service.


Terminal display is now an important part of the brand stores, some companies in the display props in the application is superior.

Iron display rack, wooden display rack, paper exhibition rack for the corporate publicity has brought good results.

Paper display rack in today's brand promotion has played a significant role:

Beautiful appearance, good print quality for the company's image increased the role;

Easy to transport, selling point Paper display stand completely detachable flat, small size, transport is not easy to damage, suitable for large-scale brand promotion, unified promotional activities;

Low prices, low prices compared to iron wooden shelves, and easy to handle recycling;

With the improvement of people's consumption level, the concept of consumption tends to be rational, the function of terminal display is more and more, WOW display rack will also have a huge role!