Candy Cardboard Display Stands


It is difficult for a couple to continue their relationship. The girls broke up with the boys and agreed to eat the last meal. They went to a self-service hot pot restaurant, the girls took a lot of food, but the boys only took a bowl of white sugar, the girl asked him why, the boy said bitterly: the baby is bitter.

Although this is a paragraph, it is not difficult to see that people want to eat sugar to reduce pain when they are depressed. So how do merchants promote candy in supermarkets?

This brown sells Werther's Original classic toffee, which adopts a scene-reduction mode. It seems that there is a candy master who personally produces a long-flavored, long-lasting toffee that gives consumers a different kind of flavor. Kind of shopping experience.

Tic tac likes to promote the trend through activities every time it promotes new tastes, and cardboard displays are the advertising vehicles of their choice.


The next round of the lucky draw. The cardboard displays are printed with specific lottery information, and a large number of prizes are directly displayed in front of consumers. Ipad, Mini Cooper convertible, luxury tour... How do consumers resist this temptation and don’t pay for sugar? In case of winning?


In the BreastCancer Awareness Month, Tic Tac Mint Sugar launched a new candy calledStrawberry Fields. This cardboard displays is printed with a huge pink ribbon,expressing concern for women's health.


Alpine milk lollipops are well known, but many people don’t know that they have a juvenile soft candy called Juzt Jelly. Two yellow and one green cardboard displays,bright colors and striking bear baby, easily capture the child's attention.


M&M’s Wonderful Chocolate Yellow Iron Hook Paper Shelf is custom made for some small package suspension products.


Combines several brands of candy cardboard displays specifically for the children's candy product line. Grasslands, blue sky, houses, chimneys, bunny chewing carrots,these interesting elements make up a picture of a burst of value, I am afraid that children can not see the steps.



This blue cardboard displays is exclusive to a cool mint. The bursting pattern expresses the coolness of the mint in the mouth.