5 Key Points that Affect A Cardboard Display Price

5 Key Points that Affect A Cardboard Display Price

During the past 9 years of dealing with POP Display business, especially the corrugated displays projects, we found there are still some misunderstanding of the cost of a cardboard display.

Today, WOW is pleased to share this 5 key points that affect a display price.


1. Printing

There are 2 points of printing cost.

First, since we are mainly focusing on the printing business, the printing process and cost is the main factor of the whole production, there will be a great difference between a printed display and blank white display.

Second, for a same display, the printing size do also affect the whole display price.

Please see below example, the cost of right one is definitely lower than left one due to printing size.


2. Display size


Since there is a printing max size of our printing machine, which is 1580*1180MM, so, if a display body height exceed 1580MM, then, we need to join 2 pieces of printing cardboard together, the cost will be much higher due to the double printings and material cost.


3. Colors


Single color printing is much cheaper than 2 or more colors.


4. Material


Usually, we use standard B or E flute for a display, for a same display, E flute is cheaper than B flute.


5. Order quantity


The more the cheaper, especially for a order under 100pcs due to the printing cost is same for a whole order.



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