2020 Shenzhen WOW New POP Up Cardboard Display


From the year of 2018, cardboard POP Up display design was getting more and more popular in POP field, for its easy assembly, did helped clients saved a lot.

However, there are some issues coming out in production.

There are 2 main issues we got feedback from some clients who placed the POP up display orders to our competitors.

Firstly, the rubber bands getting loose during the shipment, especially in container which has a very huge temperature difference, rubber bands are easily loose in this environment.

So, once the client received the displays, it can not be pop up by itself,

Secondly, display packaging is too large which caused a very high shipping charge once delivered to their retail stores.

So, this is the destiny of pop up design??

Of course not, especially for WOW designer team, who are crazy at developing something new and solving design problems.

Then, we developed a new and customized rubber bands for POP up designs with WOW patent.

And, updated the pop up display design to reduce the packaging size to half!!

Below is the NEW pop up display in WOW for 2020, let's see: