Holiday Promotion – Cardboard Display


Careful people may find that cardboard displays have slowly penetrated our promotional make stand slowly become mainstream. In the past, every holiday, the promotion activities have increased, which means that during this period, the competition between businesses is more and more motivating. How to make your products standout in a wide range of goods, this is a problem.


    Businesses are often troubled by this. Everyone wants to seize this opportunity, get good results in the promotion of holidays, sell more products, increase sales, some any merchants will spend a lot of money in advance. Advertising, of course,good advertising can bring great profits to the business, otherwise there will not be so many businesses competing for advertising. However, as we all know,the cost of advertising is relatively high. Big brands may take no pressure to promote advertising, but small brands can't do anything. The huge advertising costs can't be borne by them. Then this time What should a small brand do?


Here, we must recommend the tool for the promotion of goods cardboard displays.

 Cardboard displays have been launched in China in 2006. In recent years, they have become an indispensable prop for merchandising, and have their own unique advantages.Let's talk about why we use paper shelves for holiday promotion!


    As mentioned above, small brands do not have big brands in capital, and there is no big advantage in advertising. Sometimes sales results may not be able to recover from advertising investment costs. The use of cardboard displays has the following advantages: First, the cost of bulk ordering of cardboard displays is very low, which can fully save the cost of the business. Secondly, the cardboard displays also has a strong advertising effect, which can attract the eyes of the consumers in the shopping mall, attract customers, and introduce the promotion service of the promoters, which greatly promotes the volume. Third,even if the big brand has made advertising promotions, it has attracted customers, and it also needs to use cardboard displays in the store. Cardboard displays in the store are like road signs, guiding consumers to their favorite products. This is also an important feature of cardboard displays.


    Every holiday is approaching, a new round of promotional storm is about to hit.Therefore, merchants can quickly customize the next promotion plan, use cardboard displays to promote their products, and make themselves a perfect victory in this promotion battle.